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Hi everyone !

Thanks for visiting my personal music site. Here I can inform you of what I've been up to and what's happening in current short- and long-term projects.
The site is not in its final form but it's growing so you can always get the latest infos or download a few of my songs.
Updates should occur as things progress so please check in now and then.

If you wish to contact me please send an e-mail to:   jes [at]

Enjoy the site, hope it serves your purposes.
See you around, Jes

Last update: August 2013


5 March 2012

My collaboration with No Illusions has terminated.
After 8 years and mostly fun experiences, it did not end that nicely, unfortunately. I was basically kicked out by two people, with the others taken by surprise after the fact. I am truly glad the rest didn't decide to drop the band altogether  —  which was actually an issue as I'm told  —  because that would have been even worse for me.

So what was my part in all this? I simply didn't give the project enough importance anymore due to some subtle, longer-term disagreements with the band leader. And the two of us actually avoided to talk as time went on. I did not see we had been going anywhere in the last few years so my performance started to suck due to lack of motivation. But then I wasn't the only one, LOL. Good excuse!

I wish the band all the success they are aiming for.

16 Nov. 2010

Got a fine new PA, including a 30 meter 24/8 multicore on a drum. While very convenient, the darn thing weighs 40 kilos !  Great for my fingers before a gig.
Guess the next thing I need to get now is my own personal roadie.
Expenses, expenses... (sigh)   Seems a musician's life is very much like that of a skier without a ski-lift. But it's just way too good to quit :)

14 May 2010

I have built my first ever effects unit !  It sounds like a Thru-Zero Flanger but is technically a 20 stage Phaser. The circuit is an improved up-to-date version of the original Tau Pipe Phaser and was redesigned by Jürgen Haible for the DIY commmunity. I'm grateful for his assistance and I definitely learned something.

I tweaked the circuit to my liking and added a more versatile modulation section. The great Thru Zero sound is possible because it can handle a delay as short as 30 micro seconds. That comes as close to tape-flanging as I will ever need. It's an absolute jewel in my live rig now. Yes, less is often more, but this thing is so cool !!

27 June 2009

I have the desire to put up a few thoughts since the events of the last days certainly have a big impact on me.

I recently re-discovered an old time hero of mine. I bought the CD "Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's". When I read the Titel "Where Were You" I felt like an idiot to not have listened in on this man's creativity and playing in the last decade or so. He just turned 65 on June 24. Happy birthday Jeff from all my heart.

And just a day after that, two incredible people left our world. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. When I read Quincy Jones' statement that he felt like he lost his little brother I started shaking with emotion. I was in Montreux last year at Quincy's 75 year anniversary and the love that was in the air that night all came back to me.
Farrah and Michael, THANK YOU for making such a great difference on our planet. We shall continue to keep your spirits high.

15 Aug. 2007

I need to announce that my collaboration with Judee has come to an end. The year that we worked together was interesting and I learned a few things. Having to streamline my time is the main reason as I want to put more energy into the NO ILLUSIONS band.

Hoping that my service to her was of value, I wish Judee and her musicians all the best. May you steadily move forward towards your goals.

29 Dec. 2006

The year 2006 is coming to a close and I'm sitting here, looking back at what was achieved and how I wish to spend the next 12 months.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is a lot more gigs with No Illusions. I continue to be amazed how creative it can be to play those old favorites and the newer material of Soul and related music styles, not to mention how much you learn covering other people's songs. It sort of connects you to the rest of the world it seems. Really feels good !

The project with Judee so far was quite an experience. While it wasn't new to me that personnel is the main issue when you try to get a show on the road, a lot of what we had to deal with was a good exercise in keeping one's humor. Nevertheless, the few who pushed through this are very fine musicians and I'm glad that they're on board. A couple more like these ones and we'll be flying. The good news is that we have, in the third attempt, found a very convenient rehearsal space.
So I'm positive that come early Spring, a series of gigs should be scheduled.

In addition to the above I think 2007 is a good time to get back into the writing of my own songs again. I learned a lot in the last four years and I feel I owe it to an audience to use this ability. It's something that I've put on the back burner for a long time and somehow it seems right to be creative on that front again. Along with this goes the never ending desire to meet a lot more constructive and inspiring people to work with.
I'm purposely opening my big mouth here so if you don't see results for some time you're welcome to push me :)

I wish you all a very successful coming year. Peace to the world and never hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Jes

9 Sept. 2006

The band No Illusions has been going for more than two years now and we are having great times and success both as a group and with our growing audience. I'm in the happy position where I can say I just  LOVE  to play in this band !!!  Thanks gals and guys for having me !

In addition, a new band is in the making to support up-coming Afro-Pop singer Judee. With great excitement I am proud to announce that Judee has appointed me to be her musical director.
Her debut album "Judee... Unmasked" is ready and available. We are in preparation to tour and play this album starting perhaps October this year.
Learn more about Judee and her songs:



Born: 9 Feb. 1960 in Zurich, Switzerland
1968: Move to British Columbia, Canada.
1971: Move back to Zurich, Switzerland.
1972 - 1978: Private lessons on guitar and classical piano, different teenage bands.
1978 - 1980: Preparatory study to attend Jazz School Berne (I foolishly dropped that idea after experiencing a gig played by those mentors).
1978 - 1981: Writing and recording sessions with friends in our private studio. Unfortunately we never hit the road and the tapes are lost.
1983 - 1993: Busy with family-life, 3 years in Florida US, building up my own engineering business and paying bills. No music for years.
1994 - 1998: Come-back and continuing where I left off: Semi-professional study and graduation at the Academy of Contemporary Music ACM Zurich.
1995 - 2000: Guitarist in the Art - Rock band Eternity.
1996: Guitarist in Mark Janicello's "Elvis: The Hollywood Years" project. Concerts in Gstaad and the Kongress Haus Zurich with musicians from Copenhagen to Milano.
Mark is a great artist from New York and currently resides in the Netherlands. See what he's up to at
1997 - 2000: Switzerland organizer of Duncan Lorien's "Understanding of Music Seminar". That seminar makes all the difference !
2002 - 2003: Guitarist in the Funk and Soul band Delicious.
2003: Guest-guitarist on the debut album of Chamber of Secrets ( CoS ) called The Approaching Storm. Available online at    CD Baby
2006 - 2007: Musical director and guitarist in Judee's band. See her info and hear her songs at
2004 - 2012: Guitarist in the Soul and Acid Jazz band No Illusions. Check out their site at
2012 - Present: Taking a break and discovering new interests in life. Won't be much longer though.


E-Books, Essays and Articles

    New Unique Speed Picking and Fast String Crossing Technique for Guitar

    Confusion in the Practicing of Scales, What You Should Know About It

    Safety from Electric Shock for Bass and Guitar Players  (English)
    Sicherheit vor elektrischem Schock für Bassisten und Gitarristen  (Deutsch)


Pictures / Friends

Jes 5 This was me performing in 1996 at an Arts Festival south of London.

My dear old friend Ole Boskov, living in Copenhagen, who was also involved in "Elvis, the Hollywood Years". He was a fantastic Singer / Songwriter and musician of American West-Coast music, while being able to easily play many other styles too.
I was very sad when I heard he had died of liver cancer in 2011, realizing we would not meet again. I liked him so much. Man, he was cool...

Ole, I hope you are still playing, wherever you may be now. I won't forget the good times we shared.
Ole Boskov

Hossam Ramzy Hossam Ramzy, one of the most helpful and fun friends I have met. He always has some good advice.
Has received 4 times platinum for his string and percussion arrangements with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.
Has also toured with Sting and Peter Gabriel. See much more at

Esra Sermeter, who is a pleasure to work with ! Esra Sermeter

Delicious The instrumental section of Delicious, 2003.

From left to right:
Lukas Müller, Keyboards
Dany Valsecchi, Drums
Ronald Saame, Bass
Jes Hodosy, Guitar

No Illusions, Soul and Acid-Jazz, 2006.

From left to right:
Sarah Brunner, Bass
Claudia Keller, Keyboards
Anna Rossinelli, Vocals
Nico Wegmann, Vocals
Jes Hodosy, Guitar
Dany Valsecchi, Drums
No Illusions


Music Downloads

Here are six of my older compositions. Enjoy !  I'd love to hear your feedback. (smile)

Copyright © 1995 - 2013, Jes Hodosy
All rights reserved.
For personal, private use only. These songs have not been mastered.

mp3 A New Pal   ( 5:31 )
This is a nice 'n' easy Rock tune with a Latin groove for two guitars.
mp3 You're My Man   ( 4:29 )
A pop song written for and sung by Esra Sermeter, currently the front woman in the cover band Clever.
mp3 Sunset Dance   ( 5:59 )
A chorus tune which I carried around in my head for almost ten years before I finally recorded it in 1996.
mp3 Free   ( 5:35 )
This one was a song-writing experiment while studying at the ACM in 1997. Roger Jenny did the leadvocals.
mp3 Punchline   ( 5:23 )
A song sung by me, triggered by true experience and inspired by the great Lenny Kravitz.
mp3 So Long   ( 7:57 )
This Jazz - Rock type instrumental was the result of my first Cubase sessions back in 1995.
It's seen through the eyes of a person having to leave a loved one, commencing the trip back home after a vacation.

Here is a recording of a cover song which I produced with No Illusions, the 2006 formation, back when the spirits were adventurous and fun, the music being somewhat more progressive than what it became later. Anna Rossinelli's voice is always a treat when I hear it.
The original, slightly slower, was done by the British band D'Influence.

mp3 Journey   ( 4:56 )
We all had such a ball recording these vocals.  Like family.  Ahhh, the good memories...